Wednesday, June 30, 2010

the zone

today i did a bike ride outside. i am not a biker, but last season in my first tris biking was where i ranked the highest ? go figure. This year I got me the clipless pedals. Today during my ride I got in a zone and I felt it, I felt the speed and the power to keep at that speed. it was cool. of course i also felt the head wind at other times.

eat more veggies and fruits !!!


  1. yay for an awesome ride.

    I need to borrow your goal for today and make it mine. ;)

  2. yeah! Clipless pedals!

    Good too!

  3. I'm glad you had a good ride...those are the best!

  4. nice...getting in the bike zone is cool. and nice w/the clipless pedals1

  5. I am not a big bike fan. I wish I was. I could see so much more of my area that way but I just feel like I am moving too fast and missing it all. So tris are out for me.

    I'm glad you found that happy zone on your ride! Enjoy your new pedals.


what are you triing

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