Monday, June 14, 2010

the plan

so this week the girls are out of school so i will be dragging them to the gym everyday. today was workout with trainer - didn't get dizzy but was exhausted and could hardly keep up. then i ran for 30 minutes.
rest of week
tues - spin
wed - intervals on the treadmill - per iron lady
thur - swim with iron lady
friday - do strength workout per trainer
saturday is my five miler. KICK ASS

I need to work on nutrition and an important step in that is being prepared, i need to get to the grocery store.

i also want to spend sometime wth the girls doing crafts, reading or just playing. nice days get to the beach with them. a few playdates planned and story time at the library.


  1. I am tired just reading about your schedule... Go get'em on Saturday! BTW, love the new format!

  2. My week is much simplier but I am also tapering :) Big race weekend. Kick some ass on saturday!!!

  3. Summer is in full swing it sounds like! It's an adjustment, but it's all good.

  4. LOVE the new page!!!!! IT is awesome.

    Sounds like a great schedule. I wish my whole family could go to the gym together. but we all go different times. No one seems to be on the "same" schedule anymore now that they are older.


what are you triing

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