Sunday, June 6, 2010

trainer baby

So tomorrow I start training sessions with a trainer. She is a friend and I am doing the sessions with a friend, so we get to work out with her together. It is for 30 minutes and then we can do another session on our own during the week. I am really looking to getting my butt kicked. Then hubby is working from home tomorrow b/c he is going to attend our 5 year old's diploma day. There is a monday river swim ran by a local tri group and we are going to attend together. very exciting day of working out !!!


  1. HEY! I am going to try to make the swim tomorrow too. Email me you REAL name. If you told me at the swim school last year....I totally forgot! Sorry!!!
    And if you see me...come up to me again. I only met you that once. I will email you back tomorrow afternoon and let you know if I will be there. I bet we are talking about the same place. LOL! We are doing the same tri...right?
    I am so excited! I think we need to meet up and you need to share your knowledge with me, b/c I am scared to death for the open water swim!

  2. oh! River swim, that sounds like fun!

  3. beach mama - i will look for ya !!!


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