Friday, June 4, 2010

lip stuff addict

I am a lip stuff addict. I usually put aquaphor on my lips all day long and a real nice slober of it before I go to sleep. I love the stuff and have started rubbing it on my feet everynight before i hit the hay.

However, now that I am finally working out in the outdoors I need a lip stuff that has spf in it. A while back I received a wonderful package from mission sports skincare, I just started using the lip protector and I love it. It is like a gel so it goes on like vaseline and that is what I like. I ran with it the other day and it did not wear off and I didn't get a funky taste and I did not have any icky build up in the corners of my mouth. I am in love with this product and sure hope i can find it at my local sports stores. I highly recommend it.


  1. Sounds like a nice chapstick! I use burts bees everynight when I go to bed and when I know I am going to be outside for an extended period of time.. :)

  2. ooh, show a pic of the stuff so we can see what it looks like (the chapstick, not your lips..but you could do that too;-)

  3. I'll need to tell my wife about this stuff, she is a lip stuff addict as well.

  4. I am also a lip stuff junkie. I have stuff stashed all over: bedside table, coat pockets, every bag I own, and right next to my keys when I leave the house. this stuff sounds worth trying. thanks!


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