Saturday, June 19, 2010

goal ....

my goal was 45 minutes. I did not do that, my garmin and chip time was 46.57, cross finish line time was 47.24. I was happy with my time. I was happy that I set a goal, b/c I really did think I pushed myself more and had a much better mental race than the norm.

However, there were a few other moms in the area lined up a bit in front of me and 1 is NOT a runner. They have all been taking a class with one of the area's local mom who is a serious runner. The lady who was not a runner freaking beat me ??? 43.37 chip time.

I also had a mom i know start in the same area as me and she has really bad running form and looks pained and she beat me as well. 43.55 chip time.

I still am thinking that I do not push myself enough in a race. I did feel that I gave more in this race, but I also had a kick at the end and as soon as I was done I was thinking damn I could have pushed more. My biggest fear seems to be pushing myself and then not having enough to finish. My legs do not give out on me, I even ran up the killer hill at the start of mile 5. It is my breathing and in turn what my stomach feels like. That is why I hold back b/c I am scared that I will throw up and not be able to finish.

garmin splits
mile 1 - 9.04
mile 2 - 9.07
mile 3 - 9.15
mile 4 - 9.51
mile 5 - 9.19 (hill)
so what the heck happened on mile 4 ? it is the one area of the course that is very turny, short streets and lots of turns. I also had one stretch and I recall being real tired on it and starting to drag.

I am happy with how I did but some how I still feel like I am not at my full potential ? And I am trying real hard not to be upset about what OTHER folks did.


  1. great job!

    (and I also have a hard time pushing myself to "race", I often just "run" it. I just recently realized that I don't all out push, and it for the same reason as you..I'm worried I wont finish. Something to work on :)

  2. You are on to it--don't judge yourself by the others! And you can only know how far you can push yourself when you do it--so give it a go next time and see what happens. All that said--you still did a great job.

  3. I don't know how long you have been running but don't get discouraged. I think I try too much afraid I will run out of steam too. I am always amazed at runners that look terrible but do well.

  4. Congrats on a great race! I think this is what happened for my bike portion in my tri this weekend. I was worried about not having enough for the run so I held back a bit. It is a delicate balance knowing how hard to push yourself to finish strong and still leave it all out there.

  5. I think you did well, congrats. If you feel like you didn't push yourself hard enough, then you probably didn't. That said, it is hard to do. It takes time, as I am learning, to get used to pushing yourself it comes little by little.

    To address your comments on my blog: thank you for the lovely compliment. I did change my eating a little, but nothing drastic. I just made an effort to eat healthier (not always a success) and made sure I was eating to train instead of training to eat. Having a coach in person is always the best option for obvious reasons; they can correct things they see. However, I have enjoyed having a coach via email, it's been extremely motivating. There are times though it would be nice to have her look at my swim since that is my weakest link. Hope this helps.

  6. You can't rock every race. Did you feel dehydrated? Maybe that was it.

  7. You did great. I'd be thrilled with that time.

    It bugs me sometimes that non-runners or new runners are faster than me, but most of the time I just try to have fun and race against myself. Makes it more enjoyable that way. :-)


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