Thursday, June 3, 2010

running hills

do you run hills ? hillwork ? whatever ? do you do it ? if so, how ?

today i tried to incorporate a hill into my run, it is the hill that is at the end of a five mile race i want to do on june 18th.

so i ran about 1.7 miles and then up the hill and then finished a full 3 miles. so i did not do repeats. i have done that at the NYRRC i took years ago, it was hard but you felt like you got a great workout in.

here were my splits
mile 1 10.17
mile 2 10.43 (the hill was in this)
mile 3 9.49

wahooooo...i feel like i should have gone another mile but it was hot and well.....


  1. I am lucky (or unlucky) to live in a place that is fairly hilly. I always feel few races can throw one at me that I'm not ready for. I also do repeats, mostly in early spring to get ready for other speedwork.

  2. My running group does hills on tuesday. usually alternating with speedwork the opposite weeks. they go up and down a hill...6-10 times (starts at up to 10 as time goes on)

  3. oh yeah. Usually if my legs feel fresh I'll take a hilly route. I also do some hill sprints,usually 6x8 second sprints. sometimes 10x8.

    I run three days a week: one long slow run, one tempo run, one steady with the hill work.

  4. I don't do much for hills, but I know I should! There just isn't many here in Fargo, ND! lol

  5. negative split between 2 and 3, plus after the hill. Nice.


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