Tuesday, June 22, 2010

summer time

I did spin today. I am actually starting to feel like I need to work out more than 45 minutes of spin. I feel like I should be tacking on something extra at my workouts that are under an hour. I was going to do strenght but I didn't have enough time, then I thought i would do it at home right about now BUT i am not. I wound up taking the girls to a great amusement park/boardwalk near us and we had a blast. They did a ton of rides, they had ice cream (i did not - however i will be having a skinny cow soon), we also got a new pet.....polly the hermit crab. I keep hearing scratching noises and I get scared of what type of animal might be crawling around the house. Then I remember that it is polly just walking around in her home. It was a great day and the girls had such a nice time. I wound up seeing 4 other moms from my area who all did the same thing. I last minute decision to just go.

Tomorrow I plan on swimming. I will do some work out that ironlady has emailed in the past. Thursday will be workout with trainer and a run. Friday, spin. Not sure about this weekend, there is a 5k I might do BUT i hear it is a trail run and i am not keen on trail runs. I also want to start looking at next year olympic sized tris. i want to do one and want to make sure i sign up in time as i know many things sell out. any body have a fav olympic tri in the tri state area ???


  1. the amusement park sounds like fun!! The only Oly distance I have done is NYC Tri. I need to branch out more.

  2. There's a lot to be said for spontaneity! Sounds like a fun day.


what are you triing

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