Friday, June 18, 2010

favorite things to do

tonight at 6.30pm we get to do one of my favorite things, the kids race !!! The girls and i will head to town, put numbers on them, and they get to do a race. I believe this is one of the best ways for kids to start on the path of a healthy lifestyle. They have fun, they exercise, all good stuff.

today i head to the gym to do my weight/strength workout, problem is i can't locate the write up of it and not sure i can remember exactly the moves......hate winging things so hunting trainer down to get the exact.


  1. The kids race sounds amazing!

    So awesome that you take them & that they do that! EXCELLENT!

    Hoping you find your "moves"! ;)

  2. that's pretty cool that your lil' ones are racing. Mine are 4 and i think they can't wait til' their first race;-)

    have fun! happy friday!;-)


what are you triing

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