Wednesday, June 2, 2010

thank you subway

so i am a huge drive thru person. since i am working on my nutrition i can no longer do drive thru (well i can and I do ) but you get the point, i try NOT to and I have to say I am doing pretty well. Lately when lunch time rolls around and I don't feel like my same ol salad, but i don't want to go and sit somewhere b/c the girls have to be dropped off and picked up, i have been going to subway and getting myself a sandwich. I love that I have a healthy choice, I realize it is not the MOST healthy choice BUT it sure beats the heck out of the chicken nuggets and fries that i would be getting if i didn't have it.

Yesterday I had ONE sugar cookie (a small one) and that was it for sweets. So a good start.

I guess today is national running day, sorry but i can't run today. I swam today but i will be running tomorrow and i get to run outside b/c both girls have something in the AM...wahooo

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  1. Subway is good as long as you watch what you order!


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