Thursday, June 24, 2010


I have very bad posture. I remember hunching myself over b/c i was flat chested and was very self conscious about it. Now as an adult I realize the disservice I did to myself. I am so out of line that simple weight lifting moves or simple body movements are quite difficult for me. Today I worked out with my trainer and she would have to continually tell me to get in correct position. After I got into the correct position the movement became twice as hard. She mentioned that I am working twice as hard due to the my back. It is frustrating and feels like I am climbing an endless mountain. She also checked me for diastasis, she said I have partial.

I really need to stand up straight through out the day, and suck my belly button in. I took some time for ME today. Much needed.

Tomorrow I believe I will spin or swim OR maybe I will do both ??? My trainer was asking how I was feeling after my workouts and I was explaining how after spin I feel fine and almost as if I didn't even workout. She said you have to push harder, turn the resistant way up was her advice. I laughed b/c I am such a wimp on my own. It makes obvious sense but why I have not done it is beyond me.


  1. The only time I have perfect posture is when I am sitting at the piano. It's weird, but true!

  2. my husband is always reminding me to stand up straight...years of trying to 'hide' as a teenager. At least he follows up with, "You're a beautiful woman, you should be proud." Gotta love a man like that. Now, if I could just remember to do it.

  3. do you have a stability ball? Sometimes I use mine as a desk chair because it literally makes you sit up straight. (if you don't, you will roll off!)


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